Views from the Red Column


Green columns of light catch my attention and inspire me to write.

To write about determination and the ability of living things to hang onto thin air. The meaning of tenacity and the untapped potential of human memory. The ability of women to make a difference.

To write about the ability of life to exist inside a rock—to grow from branches that the rational mind will never see.

Memorial Protest

*This photograph was taken on a recent trip to Berlin. The Block der Frauen (Block of Women) by artist Inge Hunzinger (1915-2009) marks the the 1943 site where German women peacefully protested against the planned  deportation of their Jewish husbands. The Rosenstrasse protest helped debunk the widespread myth that resistance against the Nazi dictatorship was futile.

Text and image courtesy of Monica Goldberg – Pacuare Anthology Poet